VAT for Start-ups

Wednesday, 22 November 2023 (full day)

The workshop is aimed at all those in start-ups and small enterprises affected by VAT issues in Switzerland and the EU.

In this workshop we provide detailed knowledge for all persons who want to found or have founded a start-up in Switzerland and are planning or already have a business with deliveries or services from Switzerland to the EU.

All important information in Swiss VAT law and the EU VAT Directive will be presented to the participants in detail, also using the relevant forms and checklists.

The aim is to provide participants with an overview of the VAT system in Switzerland and the EU and thus avoid risks and problems in Switzerland and the EU.


  • VAT registration in Switzerland: Is the registration obligatory?
  • VAT procedure in the EU: General taxation procedure, OSS (One-Stop-Shop), IOSS (Import-One-Stop-Shop) and input tax refund procedure: Which procedure is applicable for Swiss entrepreneurs and in which case?
  • General taxation procedure (registration): When is registration in the EU still mandatory? In this case, which notifications must be submitted in the EU, with what content, and at what time?
  • Import and Export of goods. When and how to declare import and export in the Swiss VAT return? Which documents are required? What applies to drop shipments in the EU?
  • Problem area of input tax deduction: What is the "legally owed tax"? Can invoices be corrected retroactively? By whom must invoices be corrected?
  • Record-keeping obligations and retention periods in the EU: What record-keeping obligations must be observed for VAT? How long must records be kept?
  • Intra-Community supplies: What are the requirements for tax exemption of intra-Community supplies since 01.01.2020 in the EU?
  • Electronic services and e-commerce: What do Swiss entrepreneurs have to consider for electronic services and e-commerce in the EU to private individuals?

After this workshop, the participants should be able to recognise the VAT problems relevant to them and to a large extent solve them themselves.

Procedure und concept 

From 8.30 a.m. we will welcome you on site with coffee and croissants. The workshop starts at 8.45 am and lasts until around 4 pm. The course room is at Stampfenbachstrasse 38 in Zurich, on the second floor, above our own offices (right next to the main railway station).

Our participants who attend the workshop online can dial in via Zoom from 8.30 am. We will provide you with all the necessary information and technical requirements well in advance. We will also send you the course materials by post in advance.

We will set the thread of the workshop and you will determine the weighting of the individual topics through your questions. This makes the day a real "WORK-SHOP" and gives you the maximum benefit. With a maximum of 24 participants, the group is not too large for the detailed analysis of your questions and the examples from our own consulting practice. We always work out the solutions using our own, easy-to-understand VAT chart.

Short breaks with refreshments always loosen up the demanding work, as does the excellent Italian lunch in the well-known Casa Ferlin restaurant for our participants on site.

In addition to the current VAT law, you will receive a course dossier with the current, important publications of the VAT administration. You will be able to read everything you need to know at a later. You will also receive a course certificate.

The participation fee on site and online is CHF 800.00. Included are the seminar documents, a VAT bill as well as the break and lunch catering (incl. VAT).


Bernd Burgmaier, lawyer and tax law specialist (Bar Association OLG Munich), partner of SwissVAT AG. He has specialised in VAT in Germany and the EU since 1997 and, in addition to providing ongoing advice to companies, regularly publishes on VAT law. He is a lecturer on EU VAT law at two institutes in Switzerland.

Workshop Anmeldung

Bei Abmeldung bis 2 Wochen vor Veranstaltungsdatum werden keine Kosten berechnet bzw. erfolgt eine Rückerstattung. Für spätere Abmeldungen berechnen wir die gesamte Teilnahmegebühr. Ersatzteilnehmer sind willkommen.